Updates on Window Genunine Advantage (WGA) Validation Crack

The Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) is the anti-piracy mechanism for Microsoft Windows operating system like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. WGA Validation Tool helps the user determine whether or not the copy of Windows is genuine, while encouraging responsible WGA Notifications warning message to the user once the system is not validated as genuine.

You Can Download Windows Genuine Advantage Validation updated to version in February 2010 in which WGA Validation ActiveX component will be downloaded and installed by the end user who tries to run Windows Update manually, or when downloading files protected by WGA from Microsoft Download Center.

For users whose systems are wrongly accused by the WGA validation as non-genuine, and no way to solve the problem, there is hack to crack WGA validation so that it will report real status. Note that the crack is not a activation crack for Windows, not Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 or the crack can make Windows genuine.

Download v1.9.42.0 WGA Crack: WGA19420.rar

To install the crack, just run the command in a high installer.bat prompt window with administrative privileges. To uninstall the crack, type install.bat / u in the window of elevated command prompt with administrator privileges. A backup of files replaced, namely LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe is made. It is possible to delete the backup run install.bat / c to clean old files from backup and cracking elevated command prompt window with administrative privileges.

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