Use Open Source To unlock Apple TV Full Potential

The Apple TV just got more interesting With the help of these new tools and the hacks they offer to allow your apple to go to a full potential

Recently Launched ,The XBMC application for Apple TV2 Which needs jail breaking expands the set top box’s multimedia play back to support almost any type of audio and video formats to be played and also 1080p HD content, currently by default Apple Tv only supports few formats Which are compatible with itunes and only supports 720p video

Also you will be able to install plug-in and add new features in XBMC media players which are to be released soon .Which May enable you to configure several devices Such As blue tooth keyboards mouce additional widget in the side bar to display web information and several other things alike

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The XBMC is also launched for IPhone , IPad , and Ipad touch giving all these devices similar capabilities to play all kind of audio and video formats only thing required is jail breaking the devices

The first Hack On Apple TV was Air Flick To stream non itunes supported video From Mac to Apple TV Which is prior to the release of XBMC

So Apple TV has been jailbroken and a few applications like XMBC are availabe for jailbreaking But there is nothing like cydia ,the under ground market place for apps which are available for jail broken Iphones ,ipads and ipod touches

Cydia support would Allow People to add a wide variety of apps to the device’s main menu For now you are limited to adding pluginsto the XBMC Media player

Well For XBMX Plugins Stay tuned for their Script page

To install The XBMC software on your Apple TV 2 ,You must connect it by USB to a computer and jail break it with season pass , which will automatically Install XBMC

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