Oak Trail Intel Atom Dual-Core N455 and N475 Announced at Computex

Intel Corp. is successful with its Atom processor in particular in the two netbook and embedded markets. And if you wonder what the next generation processor that could be targeted for Tablet PC, the event was held recently at Computex Taipei will have an answer for you. As usual, the giant chip maker is ready to announce news that may interest you in particular its listing concrete roadmap for all future lines Atom product family. And this cycle of time, “Oak Trail platform recently announced specially designed for stylish netbook or tablet PC with a tiny form factor with more heat dissipation very low.

“Oak Trail” is considered an official name for Moorestown-W which is the successor of the first generation Z5xx (codenamed Silverthorne processor). Although there is no specification or specific heat SKU clock speed is confirmed, but it is expected that the new solution will be at least 40 percent smaller, 35 percent with much thinner low TDP (Thermal Design Power) compared to Menlow (Z5xx and US15W) solutions. On the platform itself, it consists of a Lincroft chip (System on Chip), IO Langwell hub and an additional block new known as Whitney Point. As you may know Lincroft and Langwell, Whitney Point is an add-on pack that provides extra HDMI, HD Audio, SATA and legacy few blocks suitable for larger markets.

Meanwhile, the giant chip maker has launched its first dual-core processors, N455 and N475 with each clock at 1.6GHz and 1.83GHz respectively, with significant improvement in performance while retaining the value reasonable TDP. The new Atom processor has been demonstrated using a Proof-of-concept design called netbook Canoe Lake, which is built into a slim and elegant version compared to conventional designs netbook.

No pricing yet, the N455 and N475 are now in mass production today with the actual availability by the end of this year, while Oak Trail may have to wait until 2011 before being ready for consumer market.