HTC Evo Experience 4G SD memory card bug before the official launch

For those who have been waiting to buy HTC smartphone Evo 4G, you may be interested in this piece of news. Just before its official launch this weekend, some early users, especially those who have obtained their gadgets at the developer conference, there are two weeks have been some glitches or issues related to its 8GB SD card supplied with the phone package.

The scenario occurred when users tried to save pictures taken in the external storage SD card that lead to “insufficient permissions” error appears on the screen. And to some extend, some users do not realize that their 4G Evo can not access the SD storage card at all. HTC Evo 4G is the first Android smartphone flagship database that will be put on the market by the U.S. carrier Sprint on June 4 Unfortunately, the issue has been spotted a few days before its official launch, which certainly needs quick resolution before the big shipment of messages to consumers.

The cause is still unknown but it appears that recycling of the sequence or switching power to the card has helped to eliminate this phenomenon. Some did point the finger at the “default” batch memory card manufactured by SanDisk, but it is likely that the issue could be due to software glitch that can be easily corrected with software updates without needed equipment tweak .

Both HTC and Sprint spokeswoman acknowledged the problems and is currently testing a resolution which should be available soon, OTA (On-the-air) updates automatically pushed to the smartphone.