How To Try Google Docs web service without registration

Even if it is free and rich in features, online office suite, Google Docs from Google is still struggling to penetrate the enterprise market that has long been dominated by Microsoft. There is no doubt human nature to change the habit of users to try something new and different and many users tend to be defensive about the changes. As a new strategy to encourage more users and an effort to change the users defense, Google has unveiled a demo for its Google Docs. The demo version of Google Docs does not require users to register for Google account before you start and try to use office suites from Google. Here is How to Try Google Docs Web Service Without Registration

With Google Docs demo version, the defensive use by non-Google in particular who do not go through the tedious registration process can go directly to the demo site to / demo and try all three products full-fledged office suite: word processing, spreadsheet and drawing tool instantly without registering with Google. User, for example, can use the editor at Google Docs word processor and take advantage of these standard features such as adjust fonts, printing, alignment, etc. Users can share documents Showcase give the link the particular document to others and to collaborate on this. The document demonstration created by users will only be available for 24 hours from the time it was created. Of course, eventually if users want to continue with the Google Docs web, they are required to register with Google.