How to Sync Your Facebook Contact with Yahoo Gmail or in other words Save your Facebook Contacts List

Its Always good to keep backup of your data whether it’s  computer files  or an online account ,because u never know when your account may get banned on social sites ,infact my account got banned several months ago but the best part is I have managed to keep a backup of the email addresses infact I synchronises my several accounts so if some problem occurs ,a copy of  my data  is available else where which can be used as a backup

Ill be telling u on how to backup facebook  contact data via yahoo email account ,actually its pretty simple  all u need to do is go to the yahoo address and import or export the data  there are three backup options available on the option page as backup(contact synchronization) facebook, gmail, live hotmail email address and other options for all u had to do is to click on the facebook icon and it will ask for permission allow the access and depending on the size of your contacts it will take desired amount of time  and will back up your data and all of your contact will be shown in your contact data list

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There is another screen shot of other options


Screen shot of the export option window since yahoo don’t allow new accounts to export data instantly it actually requires 14 days old account for you to download the data

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so enjoy this tutorial of backup(contact synchrozation) of your facebook data with yahoo  hope it helps when you loose your account or may be switch to a new account