How To Put Custom Search Of Google In Your Site Blogger Or WordPress

Google is often the best search engine, world, in many cases a great Web page user search results are looking for, and returns the continuum. However, it may provide some of these sites to slip useless spam more surprisingly, an overwhelming amount of blog or website, created by copy & paste blunt plagiarism, daily, or how to replicate content from various sources of pull and post automatically Google search results is auto. Delete the search results from the filter or unwanted Web sites and domain to the Google search engine, there is no built-in feature. However, provides a Google co-op can be to make yourself to anyone, your own search engine,

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Google Google custom search engine service. Google custom search engines don’t include only domain shown in the search results you can exclude the user user domain or has been selected. Use the following Google’s custom search engine tricks or domains or Web sites is to exclude from the Google search engine. Log in to register or Google account. See the Google custom search engine homepage ( Click the button on the create a custom search engine. You have read search engine settings (free and free of charge) and tick check by name and description, offers a selection of the language and standard editions, and agree to the terms of the box I. search site (after deleting a row, as an example in other domains?), in the text box. Click on next. Customize the style you choose. Click on next. Click the more sites section with the following steps: Any domain that contains the site] section, then select the domain listed, and click the Remove button removes. Site exclusion] section then click sites. Exclude from the results of the Web page URL or domain name and enter the site. To exclude all pages included in the address you can select a user