How to Publish Feed to Your Wall Automatically in Facebook via Writing Email

Whenever U try update your status on facebook you had to go to their website to post the status update either by going to their desktop version or their mobile version and post your status update ,

but recently I came across a spam site u may have heard of him its its facebook free tshirt scam  which flown in the month of september  2011 abused most of the users infact it literally took control of their wall postings, some of my friends still don’t understand how things happen  or how a status has been updated automatically to their wall

here is the walkthrough on as to how that happened –

facebook provides every user with a writing email address what that means if you want to update your status without going to facebook website all you have to do is take the writing email address  from facebook website by going here and taking the writing email adress from there

as shown in the steps below

1).go to facebook mobile page


2).scroll down to the bottom of the page till u find an upload email address

copy it down


3).Now go to your favourite email provider to send the email im using gmail for our example

compose a message ,in the email field paste the email address we just copied from facebook

in the title field post what ever your status update is

in our example we are going to use “testing writing email status update feature of facebook”

whatever you post in the title is going to be your status Capture_025

you can attach any picture or video which your email provider support

here are the screen shot of our experiment without any attachments


and here is the screen shot of out test with attachment as a picture



aint that looks good why not try it yourself

the best part of this email writing feature is that you can schedule your status updates

ofcourse if u know how to schedule an email delivery time even if you don’t know it I will be writing it in my next post updates and the drawbacks of this feature since most users use it to spam the user wall by using the email writing feature Smile