How to Install WordPress Using Fantastico

WordPress Installation is very simple Using FantasticoWell How to install wordpress using Fantastico follow these steps

Step 1

Log in to your cpanel (control panel).

Step 2
Scroll down until you are near the bottom of the page.

Step 3
Find the section titled “Software / Services“.

Step 4

Click on the icon Fantastico. This is the one with the smiling face blue.



Step 5

On Fantasico page, click on the link “WordPress text” in the left sidebar.

Step 6

Click on “New instillation.

Step 7

Choose the domain you want this installation to be on WordPress. If you have a particular site hosting plan, it will default to your single domain. When you have a shared hosting plan, choose the domain you want the WordPress installation to be sure.

Step 8
In the section that says “access to administrative data,” That’s where you need the login name and password that you use to login to your WordPress blog dashboard.

Step 9
Complete the “Basic Configuration” field with the name that you wish to be associated with all posts that you write in your blog again. Also, add your email address and domain name of the website for your new blog.

Step 10
Click on “Install WordPress”.

Step 11

You will receive domain information to ensure it is being installed on the correct domain. If it looks good, click “Finish instillation”.

Step 12
You’re done. You’ve installed WordPress on your new site. Take note of your login information and / or print the information on the screen so that you can remember how / where to log in so you can access your new blog.