How To Get Airtel Gprs Setting And Airtel Live Settings On Gprs Enabled Handsets And Mobile

Airtel Live is free and reserved for free sites, while Airtel GPRS service is paid and you have access to the entire site and you can also How to Connect your PC to the mobile Internet.

First you need to Get settings for your mobile Phone:-

These are the ways you can activate your GPRS and Airtel Live settings:

Send MO to 2567 from your Airtel Mobile (2567 is a toll-free).

You receive the MobileOffice Settings for Airtel Live, mobile office GPRS & MMS

Save All the settings you want to use.

If you want to surf one site limited so I will recommend Airtel Live, and when you want to surf unlimited you use mobile office according to the need.

Otherwise, you can go ahead and save the settings for Airtel Mobile Office Airtel and MMS.

Now, How to Activate Airtel MobileOffice You need to
send MOA to 52818 & you will be charged Rs10/- for 24 HRs

after 24 hrs if you wish to continue you can get continue using the internet and you will be charged automatically Rs10/-

Now if How to Deactivate Airtel MobileOffice You need to send
MOD to 52818 And you will be unsubscribed from the service

This is unlimited download Airtel MobileOffice service.