Google Analytics Real time The Big Picture

Im personally a fan of for the simple reason I’m involved in social media quite a bit ,face book twitter are some of the names, when you engage directly with people you need to know what things(photos ,video,posts,etc) are generating interest among users and you need to know it real time ,why? because you are writing for people and  what’s the point if you are spending time on writing something and nobody is seeing it it’s a waste of time and money so when you have the real time data you always know when to reengage the user which they previously visited your site for .


now the situaition every one knows that google and facebook don’t go on the same track and facebook not sharing their data publicly ,so they decided to launch their own social network not to mention they already have social networks before orkut (which they actually acquired) wave ,they even came up with buzz (trying to compete with yahoo) that thing didn’t even worked for them well that’s past now ,then google came up with google +  their initial launch was huge they have a buzz over the internet community ,they opened it in the beta stage not open to every one invitiation based only  I even tried to get an invitation but didn’t get one  when it get public the users don’t have that craze for the google plus account now or may be some I just hope it does not have to see the same fate as of orkut (4-5 years ago orkut is the most valued thing in the eyes of people which it is currently not)

so coming to the real time feature of analytics , the webmasters which have their complete sites based completely for fb twitter users they they always have most of them have amung us code installed in their sites even I have over 200 different amung us urls for my competitior sites I closely monitor them to what other social media webmasters are doing even I get brilliant ideas some times  by looking at the performance of the people , and several site owners don’t care about putting an  analytic code on their site because they only care about real time engagement of the users hopefully the new analytic feature may be able to help webmasters with some new innovations