Aakash Tablet Set to Launch in India

India Got its First cheapest tablet Aakash which is set to launch in december it is priced preety low as compared to other tablets in the market only $35 or Rs2770 in INR and will be available to government and educational institutes in its initial stages of launch which will be chosed by govt of india

But you can always pre order them by simply going to their official site http://aakashtablet.com/  just fill out a simple form on their website and they will get back to you

Aakash tablet

looks preety Decent and some nice configurations for such a cheap tablet


The Specifications of Aakash Tablet is as follows

1.7’” screen

2.Android 2.2 os

3.Processor 366 MHz

4.RAM 256 MB

5.storage 2gb –32 gb supported

6.2 usb ports 2.0

7.Connectivity –gprs Wifi

8.Battery power about 180 minutes

9.image viewer ,document support,pdf,mp3 support

10.web browser,youtube videos

The configurations are preety good for a $35 tablet as compared to apples Ipad and samsung Galaxy Tab for this price range