“99% people can’t watch this video for more than 15 seconds” A Guide to keep you Protected from This Spam Virus

Wow A friend of mine Shared a link on his wall post which says 99% people cannot watch this video for more than 15 Seconds This is a spam which is rolling out big time spamming your wall and when your friend clicks on the link, he/she do performs the same operation again posting the same link onto his wall user wall as well and this process goes viral as the users keep clicking and it keeps getting broadcasted

here is one of the screen shots as to what I’m saying

fb spam

When Your friends click on the story and do the necessary steps which they says which are actually spam techniques  you get redirected to another page which don’t show you any video and it actually says you to complete a survey which asking for your mobile no or an email address further spamming you

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And Not only people are falling for it its Very much viral see the stats on as to how many users are currently on the site

spam user count

So If U are abused by any such spam delete the story and report it to facebook and if your friend has any such story on his wall tell him to delete the story and don’t fall for any such scams

share and like this story so your friends too can remain safe from this abusive spam

Suyash Dwivedi

Hello John Medwin Just Delete the Story From your news feed..
By deleting the post and reporting the story to facebook…
when more people report the story to facebook the take immediate actions…
I guess that helps tell me if u need more info….