How To Bench Mark A Webserver For HTTP Requests

Well Have U Ever Wondered How Much Traffic ,Users and HTTP Request Your Webserver Can handle ,Well I Came across This problem with One of My Website its traffic gone viral like i was hitting 1000 users every minute which is equivalent to 5 times http requests now i was suspecting that these is some problem because no matter what I tried that number is not increasing at all so i thought there is some limit on max http request which my Apache webserver can handle and by doing a little research i came across some pretty useful things by which i can benchmark my server performance here is the list

1.Httperf: A Good Open Source utility by HP, for Linux operating systems only
2.Autobench: Perl wrapper for httperf improving the testing mechanisms and generating detailed reports
3.OpenWebLoad: Smaller scale open source load testing application; supports both Windows and Linux platforms
These Tools Can BenchMark Your Webserver For Performance Load with Detailed Stats

“99% people can’t watch this video for more than 15 seconds” A Guide to keep you Protected from This Spam Virus

Wow A friend of mine Shared a link on his wall post which says 99% people cannot watch this video for more than 15 Seconds This is a spam which is rolling out big time spamming your wall and when your friend clicks on the link, he/she do performs the same operation again posting the same link onto his wall user wall as well and this process goes viral as the users keep clicking and it keeps getting broadcasted

here is one of the screen shots as to what I’m saying

fb spam

When Your friends click on the story and do the necessary steps which they says which are actually spam techniques  you get redirected to another page which don’t show you any video and it actually says you to complete a survey which asking for your mobile no or an email address further spamming you

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And Not only people are falling for it its Very much viral see the stats on as to how many users are currently on the site

spam user count

So If U are abused by any such spam delete the story and report it to facebook and if your friend has any such story on his wall tell him to delete the story and don’t fall for any such scams

share and like this story so your friends too can remain safe from this abusive spam

How to Publish Feed to Your Wall Automatically in Facebook via Writing Email

Whenever U try update your status on facebook you had to go to their website to post the status update either by going to their desktop version or their mobile version and post your status update ,

but recently I came across a spam site u may have heard of him its its facebook free tshirt scam  which flown in the month of september  2011 abused most of the users infact it literally took control of their wall postings, some of my friends still don’t understand how things happen  or how a status has been updated automatically to their wall

here is the walkthrough on as to how that happened –

facebook provides every user with a writing email address what that means if you want to update your status without going to facebook website all you have to do is take the writing email address  from facebook website by going here and taking the writing email adress from there

as shown in the steps below

1).go to facebook mobile page


2).scroll down to the bottom of the page till u find an upload email address

copy it down


3).Now go to your favourite email provider to send the email im using gmail for our example

compose a message ,in the email field paste the email address we just copied from facebook

in the title field post what ever your status update is

in our example we are going to use “testing writing email status update feature of facebook”

whatever you post in the title is going to be your status Capture_025

you can attach any picture or video which your email provider support

here are the screen shot of our experiment without any attachments


and here is the screen shot of out test with attachment as a picture



aint that looks good why not try it yourself

the best part of this email writing feature is that you can schedule your status updates

ofcourse if u know how to schedule an email delivery time even if you don’t know it I will be writing it in my next post updates and the drawbacks of this feature since most users use it to spam the user wall by using the email writing feature Smile

How to Sync Your Facebook Contact with Yahoo Gmail or in other words Save your Facebook Contacts List

Its Always good to keep backup of your data whether it’s  computer files  or an online account ,because u never know when your account may get banned on social sites ,infact my account got banned several months ago but the best part is I have managed to keep a backup of the email addresses infact I synchronises my several accounts so if some problem occurs ,a copy of  my data  is available else where which can be used as a backup

Ill be telling u on how to backup facebook  contact data via yahoo email account ,actually its pretty simple  all u need to do is go to the yahoo address and import or export the data  there are three backup options available on the option page as backup(contact synchronization) facebook, gmail, live hotmail email address and other options for all u had to do is to click on the facebook icon and it will ask for permission allow the access and depending on the size of your contacts it will take desired amount of time  and will back up your data and all of your contact will be shown in your contact data list

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There is another screen shot of other options


Screen shot of the export option window since yahoo don’t allow new accounts to export data instantly it actually requires 14 days old account for you to download the data

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so enjoy this tutorial of backup(contact synchrozation) of your facebook data with yahoo  hope it helps when you loose your account or may be switch to a new account

Google Analytics Real time The Big Picture

Im personally a fan of for the simple reason I’m involved in social media quite a bit ,face book twitter are some of the names, when you engage directly with people you need to know what things(photos ,video,posts,etc) are generating interest among users and you need to know it real time ,why? because you are writing for people and  what’s the point if you are spending time on writing something and nobody is seeing it it’s a waste of time and money so when you have the real time data you always know when to reengage the user which they previously visited your site for .


now the situaition every one knows that google and facebook don’t go on the same track and facebook not sharing their data publicly ,so they decided to launch their own social network not to mention they already have social networks before orkut (which they actually acquired) wave ,they even came up with buzz (trying to compete with yahoo) that thing didn’t even worked for them well that’s past now ,then google came up with google +  their initial launch was huge they have a buzz over the internet community ,they opened it in the beta stage not open to every one invitiation based only  I even tried to get an invitation but didn’t get one  when it get public the users don’t have that craze for the google plus account now or may be some I just hope it does not have to see the same fate as of orkut (4-5 years ago orkut is the most valued thing in the eyes of people which it is currently not)

so coming to the real time feature of analytics , the webmasters which have their complete sites based completely for fb twitter users they they always have most of them have amung us code installed in their sites even I have over 200 different amung us urls for my competitior sites I closely monitor them to what other social media webmasters are doing even I get brilliant ideas some times  by looking at the performance of the people , and several site owners don’t care about putting an  analytic code on their site because they only care about real time engagement of the users hopefully the new analytic feature may be able to help webmasters with some new innovations

Aakash Tablet Set to Launch in India

India Got its First cheapest tablet Aakash which is set to launch in december it is priced preety low as compared to other tablets in the market only $35 or Rs2770 in INR and will be available to government and educational institutes in its initial stages of launch which will be chosed by govt of india

But you can always pre order them by simply going to their official site  just fill out a simple form on their website and they will get back to you

Aakash tablet

looks preety Decent and some nice configurations for such a cheap tablet


The Specifications of Aakash Tablet is as follows

1.7’” screen

2.Android 2.2 os

3.Processor 366 MHz

4.RAM 256 MB 2gb –32 gb supported

6.2 usb ports 2.0

7.Connectivity –gprs Wifi

8.Battery power about 180 minutes

9.image viewer ,document support,pdf,mp3 support

10.web browser,youtube videos

The configurations are preety good for a $35 tablet as compared to apples Ipad and samsung Galaxy Tab for this price range

Whats “God Mode” And how to enable it for Windows 7 ,Windows Server 2008

when we have a need for central access to all our controls in windows environment we use god mode it is a Windows trick a term devised by the Microsoft development team, which provides a single place to access all Windows settings without needing to browse options and folders in the Control Panel

To use it:

1. Create a new folder.

2. Rename the folder to

3.And this is how the God Mod Folder looks like double click to open it

4.When you open it the default screen looks like this

5.Here is the compact view of it

as you can see in the above screen it has over 200 items are listed and it covers ever control option of windows
it’s a nice little trick which can be used on 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. Vista 32-bit and Windows Server 2008 32-bit and Windows xp, God Mod makes it easier to navigate through the configuration options enjoy this nice little trick

Use Open Source To unlock Apple TV Full Potential

The Apple TV just got more interesting With the help of these new tools and the hacks they offer to allow your apple to go to a full potential

Recently Launched ,The XBMC application for Apple TV2 Which needs jail breaking expands the set top box’s multimedia play back to support almost any type of audio and video formats to be played and also 1080p HD content, currently by default Apple Tv only supports few formats Which are compatible with itunes and only supports 720p video

Also you will be able to install plug-in and add new features in XBMC media players which are to be released soon .Which May enable you to configure several devices Such As blue tooth keyboards mouce additional widget in the side bar to display web information and several other things alike

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The XBMC is also launched for IPhone , IPad , and Ipad touch giving all these devices similar capabilities to play all kind of audio and video formats only thing required is jail breaking the devices

The first Hack On Apple TV was Air Flick To stream non itunes supported video From Mac to Apple TV Which is prior to the release of XBMC

So Apple TV has been jailbroken and a few applications like XMBC are availabe for jailbreaking But there is nothing like cydia ,the under ground market place for apps which are available for jail broken Iphones ,ipads and ipod touches

Cydia support would Allow People to add a wide variety of apps to the device’s main menu For now you are limited to adding pluginsto the XBMC Media player

Well For XBMX Plugins Stay tuned for their Script page

To install The XBMC software on your Apple TV 2 ,You must connect it by USB to a computer and jail break it with season pass , which will automatically Install XBMC

Source Wired

Lg Optimus Features Specification

LG, LG Optimus portfolio and its latest high-end smart phones-the stylish and elegant matte finish to enrich your lifestyle has expanded the LG Optimus Z encased in a metal case. You can manage various features such as LG Optimus Z LG Optimus Z application according to the Korean consumer electronics giant, see mobile terminal interfaces on the computer screen right function is presented in the new screen phones so you can send email from your PC. Indeed, only the display of hot Korean girls, cool Optimus Z Smartphone with doesn’t come.

There are features of the LG Optimus Z (South Korea): 3. 5-Inch WVGA (800 × 480 pixels) “hyper” HD LCD display 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 5 megapixel auto focus camera Google Android 2… 1 OS Android 2… Can be upgraded to 2 Froyo December 2010, via the phone interface Bluetooth displayed screen phone functions that display on the PC, or the cable drag & vibration function can only support the Optimus files between the T-DMB Mobile TV smart phone (South Korea), Dolby mobile and DivX 2 powerful 1 shake share Z 350 mAh lithium-ion batteries, most apps in Korea LG Optimus Z and which measures 117. 9 x 56. 9 x 11. 05 offer SK Telecom, KT, will be available more than 100 mm and weight 135 g’s first Pre-loaded long battery life, in Korea market available globally in the near future.

How To Put Custom Search Of Google In Your Site Blogger Or WordPress

Google is often the best search engine, world, in many cases a great Web page user search results are looking for, and returns the continuum. However, it may provide some of these sites to slip useless spam more surprisingly, an overwhelming amount of blog or website, created by copy & paste blunt plagiarism, daily, or how to replicate content from various sources of pull and post automatically Google search results is auto. Delete the search results from the filter or unwanted Web sites and domain to the Google search engine, there is no built-in feature. However, provides a Google co-op can be to make yourself to anyone, your own search engine,

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Google Google custom search engine service. Google custom search engines don’t include only domain shown in the search results you can exclude the user user domain or has been selected. Use the following Google’s custom search engine tricks or domains or Web sites is to exclude from the Google search engine. Log in to register or Google account. See the Google custom search engine homepage ( Click the button on the create a custom search engine. You have read search engine settings (free and free of charge) and tick check by name and description, offers a selection of the language and standard editions, and agree to the terms of the box I. search site (after deleting a row, as an example in other domains?), in the text box. Click on next. Customize the style you choose. Click on next. Click the more sites section with the following steps: Any domain that contains the site] section, then select the domain listed, and click the Remove button removes. Site exclusion] section then click sites. Exclude from the results of the Web page URL or domain name and enter the site. To exclude all pages included in the address you can select a user